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Punishment for tax fraud

June 26, 2010
Posted in Fraud — Written by Geoffrey

Kirsty Dobbins (39) was found guilty for fraudulently claiming £25,000. She was given a suspended prison sentence by the jurors at Harrow Crown Court after being accused of six counts of tax credit fraud.

It was reported in court how the mother of two kids submitted many false claims which were backed up by several phone calls to benefits workers. She continuously claimed for her children as a single parent.

However, she was living with her children’s father and this is why she was entitled to £24,559.44. All the evidence proved that she cheated the benefits agencies for four years (2004 -2008).

The assistant director of criminal investigation for HM Revenue and Customs took action against Kirsty Dobbins’ activities. He said that the only reason Dobbins lied was to maximise her profits and steal funds by paying less tax.

He further commented that they take severe action against tax credit frauds by prosecuting them for the crime.

She will be tagged electrically to make sure that she stays to a strict 3 months curfew and will be forced to do community work for 150 hours without wages.

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