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June 16, 2010
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There are times when you may end up paying a higher tax than you should. This can happen if you have multiple jobs or have moved jobs during the tax year. If you think you have paid excessive amounts of tax, you can make a claim for a tax rebate.

When can I get a tax refund?

You can get a tax refund if:

• Your employment was on a temporary basis
• Your employment company submitted an improper tax code assignment
• You worked in more than one job in the same period
• You have worked in breaks or are a student and have failed to complete a P38S student employee form
• Your financial situation has changed, i.e. you changed from a permanent to part-time job

Tax codes and PAYE (Pay as You Earn)

The income tax department calculates your income tax code depending on related information on your eligibility to benefits and incoming wages. Although, not everyone will receive a coding notice, you can see the code on your pay slip or P45.

The information about tax to be taken prior to receiving your salary is given to your employer’s salary department. This type of income tax payment is known as PAYE (Pay as You Earn).

On the other hand, if you get a pension or undertake more than one job, you may have more than one income tax code for your incoming wages. Similarly, if you believe that you have overpaid tax and were charged with excessive tax following your self assessment, you can claim for a tax rebate.

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