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Applying for a tax rebate when on an emergency tax code

July 14, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

If you have recently changed your job and your employer is unaware of what tax code you need to be on, you may be issued with an emergency tax code. There are different tax codes you may be put on. If you want to determine whether you are on such a tax code, you can check your pay slip.

The pay slip you get from your employer has a prefix or suffix of MTH1, X, BR or WK1 you have been put on an emergency tax code. When you start employment for the first time, your employer will ask you to fill in a P46 form. Until you return the P46 form to your employer, you will be on an emergency tax code.

When you are on an emergency tax code, you will only be entitled to the basic personal allowance. However, the emergency tax code does not consider any entitlement or personal relief or other allowances in your monthly pay cheque.

How to claim emergency tax back?

At the end of a tax year your employer will provide you with a P60. This P60 will show how much you have earned and the amount of tax you have paid during the tax year. By entering these amounts into a tax refund calculator, you will be able to determine the amount of tax refund you are eligible to get.

When applying for a tax rebate, seeking professional help can be a wise move.

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