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Tax refunds to help international students

July 21, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

International students living and working in the United Kingdom are eligible to get tax refunds if they pay it on a regular basis. There has always been confusion on international students being able to claim their tax returns. This article deals with some of those issues.

When is a student eligible for a tax return?

Contrary to the myth that international students working in the UK are not eligible for tax returns, these students can claim the tax if they have worked, lived and paid taxes in the UK. The duration for collecting these taxes is limited and hence the quicker you claim, the better it would be.

What amount of tax will be refunded?

The amount which has to be paid back to you by the tax department is decided on the amount of tax you have actually paid and how much you have earned in that fiscal year. International students usually earn below the free allowance and hence are liable for a full payout.

Where can I get the appropriate forms to claim tax back?

The tax return forms are available from the HMRC or the local tax office. Opting for professional help is appropriate as these processes can be complex for international students. The P45, P91, P86 and the P85 are some of the basic tax forms available for the student, depending on the situation.

Although international students are not citizens of the UK, they are eligible for tax payments and refunds. Failure to pay taxes is a punishable offence. However, these students should ensure that they are not being overcharged in the taxes they pay. Therefore, it is prudent for these students to seek professional help to guide them through the process and simplify things.

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