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Tax rebates – tips for working students in the UK

September 18, 2010
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Recent estimates suggest that one in every three people in the UK is entitled to a tax rebate as they have paid excess tax. The most common area is income tax.

Many people are unaware that they can claim tax rebates. To claim, you need to file your returns with your local tax office.

If you are a student working in the UK then you can often claim heavy tax rebates. As a working student, your employer may not be aware that your total income is less than the minimum tax allowance.

Documents required for filing tax rebates:

• P45 or P60 forms
• P85 or P86 forms – for a foreign student who worked and studied in the UK
• P91 form – employment history form
• Covering letter
• P38 (S) form – to apply for UK student tax exemption

Once you have collected all these forms, you need to submit them at your local tax office.

Are you eligible for tax rebates?

Before filing for a tax rebate, it is important that you first determine whether you are eligible.

There are many reasons why you can be eligible for tax rebates. They are given below.

• You have worked only for part of the financial year
• You have paid emergency tax for more than three months.
• You have changed jobs many times throughout the year
• You have taken big gaps in your employment
• You are a student who is on a holiday job
• You are emigrating from the UK

Check your payslip to see the amount deducted as tax. You should also see your gross pay received and whether it is above the tax allowance at the year end.

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