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Tax refund – could you be eligible for one if emigrating from the UK?

September 21, 2010
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Many people are now emigrating from the UK and in 2006, the office of national statistics showed that 385,000 people had left for different countries.

People are unaware that they can often claim a large portion of income tax when they leave the country. To assist you with the process, below are some FAQs and answers to solve your doubts.

I am emigrating from the UK. Can I file for a tax refund?

Yes. As you have stopped working part way through the tax year and have not used your complete tax allowance, you can claim a tax refund.

What percentage of tax can I claim back?

The amount to be received depends on your past earnings and the total tax you have paid in each tax year prior to your emigration from the UK.

How can I find out the exact amount of my tax refund?

On the last day of your work, your employer will give you a P45 form. The P45 will contain the total amount of your earnings and the total taxes that you have paid for the given accounting year. Entering those figures in a tax rebate calculator, you can instantly find out if you are eligible for a tax refund.

I emigrated from the UK one year ago? Am I still eligible for a tax refund?

Yes. You can file for a tax refund within a period of six years. You will receive the amount as arrears.

When can I file for a tax refund?

You can file for a tax refund as soon as you discontinue your work.

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