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October 3, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Many will agree that filing tax claims can be a frustrating and a long procedure. It is for this reason that most people wait till the very end of the tax year to make a claim. However, not many realise that the sooner they do this job, the quicker they may get a tax refund cheque. More often than not, people tend to pay more taxes than they should have.

How to file for a tax refund?

With changing times, filing for taxes has become easier. Some people prefer to file for tax on their own as it eliminates the need for a professional. However it is easier if you let someone do the job who does it all the time.

Where can you get your tax refund?

Depending on the decision you make, you can get a tax refund in two ways. The first way is via regular post. This way takes about three weeks to get a tax refund cheque in the post. However, besides this, there is a faster way to get a refund. If you file a tax refund online, you can choose to have the refund deposited directly into your account.

It is important to save all your salary slips and documents, as you will need these to file for a tax refund. Without proper proof, your application is liable to be sent back or refused. Having all the paperwork in order can speed up the process.

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