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Tax rebate – the process and some commonly asked questions

October 5, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

If you live and work in the UK, you will receive your P60 by the end of the financial year. A P60 is an important financial document that has all the details of your earnings and the tax you paid. Every year, millions of pounds go unclaimed as many people fail to claim tax back.

When will you receive your P60?

Your employer will provide you with a P60 by the end of the tax year. Besides your earnings and other details, your P60 will also contain other important information like your PAYE reference number and your tax code.

How to check if you are due a tax rebate

If you want to determine whether you are due a tax rebate, you must use a tax rebate calculator. You will need to enter the amount you earned during the tax year and the taxes you paid during the same period. This way, you can get to know whether you qualify for a tax rebate.

What if you have lost your P60?

If you have lost your P60, you can ask your former employer to provide you with a statement of earnings. It is a substitute for a P45 or P60.

When applying for a tax refund, it would be a wise decision to take professional help. Professionals have the much required knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the right tax rebate that you deserve. It will also simplify the process of getting a tax rebate.

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