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Tax refunds – Some facts that you should know

October 17, 2010
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The tax refund procedure can be very complex. So you need to understand it properly before claiming tax back. The possibility of you making a mistake can be high so you should hire a legal advisor to claim it back for you. Here are few facts you should know about tax refunds:

How to apply for a tax refund

If you are planning to file for a tax refund, there are several documents you will need. These documents include:

• Documents related to salary
• Documents that prove you are liable for a tax refund
• Tax forms – P45, P60, P85 and P86

These documents should be sent to the tax office along with your application for a tax refund.

Time taken to complete the procedure

The procedure can be quick and simple if you submit the right documents with the proper application. If the documents fail to prove that you are entitled to a tax refund, your application will be declined.

The application, once accepted by the HMRC, takes a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks to get the money. This time period can vary depending on factors like – time of year and number of staff available.

What if your application is denied?

If you do not get any feedback from the HMRC, the chances are, your application has been denied. In such circumstances, it is suggested to call the HMRC to find out why it was denied.

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