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Tax rebates – Three tips to get your money back

November 28, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Many people in the UK are entitled to a tax rebate but they are not aware they are eligible. There can be many reasons why you would be eligible for a tax rebate.

If you find out that you are entitled to a tax rebate, then the below information can help you to get the rebate amount quickly.

Keep all documents ready

The first important thing concerning tax rebates is that you should keep all your documents ready. For instance, your P45 form and income statement are two important documents. Whatever claims you make should be substantiated with the right documentation. This is why it’s important to keep all your documents in a place where they are easily located. If you do not remember where your documents are, you could miss out on your tax rebate.

Prepare well

You should cross-check all your documents before you forward them to the concerned authorities. Check all your forms again and again and look out for any missing documents or if you have forgotten to include any important information. You do not want your application to be rejected after going through the long tedious process.

Provide accurate information

One of the important things associated with tax rebates is clarity of information. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out about a tax rebate yourself. There is absence of clarity. If you have any other source of income, you should mention this in the application. If you have failed to file your tax returns for a particular year, you should make this clear to the HMRC. The information that you provide to the tax office should be genuine and not ambiguous. You should provide all information that is required and not try to hide any information. This will only lead to the rejection of your application.

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