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January 11, 2011
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In many cases employees and workers in the UK pay more income tax on their wages than needed. There can be many reasons as to why an individual is charged more income tax by the Inland Revenue. For example, when an individual joins a company and is on an emergency tax code for a period of time. One can also end up paying more if the employer is using the wrong tax code. Being employed for only part of the year also leads to the payment of too much income tax. In any such situation where an individual is paying too much, they can claim a tax rebate.

Getting a tax rebate for the current year

To get a tax rebate, you need a P60 and P45. The tax office can demand that you also present documents like copies of pay slips etc. Send the required documents to the tax office and wait for your rebate.

Claiming a tax rebate for previous years

The financial year comes to an end on April 5 and the new financial year starts on April 6. One should write to the tax office stating the financial year in which the tax was overpaid. Attach the required documents showing the earnings for the year when the tax was overpaid and send it to the tax office. A P60 and P45 along with benefit history and employment information have to be sent in order to get a tax rebate.

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