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FAQs pertaining to tax rebates in the UK

January 20, 2011
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Are you planning to apply for a tax rebate? If yes, you need to ensure that you submit appropriate documents to the HMRC. Many people face issues when applying for tax rebates. This is usually because of lack of information or improper guidance.

Mentioned below are some frequently asked questions associated with getting a tax rebate.

1) I earn money claiming business mileage, how can I claim a refund?
This is a common issue faced by most individuals. If you use a car for work and are paid less than 40p per mile travelled, you can calculate the difference and file for a refund on this difference. If your employer does not compensate you for the business journey, you can claim tax relief at 40p a mile. However, the following points should be noted before you apply for a tax rebate.
• Commuting time between your home and place of work will not be termed as working hours and hence cannot be claimed for.
• Other office trips and out of work journeys, including breaks will not be reimbursed.
• Refunds are provided for the last six tax years and should be filed for appropriately.

2) What documents do I need to claim a tax rebate?

You will normally need you P45 and P60 tax forms along with your pay slips to file for a rebate. The HMRC will look through your documents before approving your claim so it is important to file for a rebate by issuing proper proof of earnings.

3) When will I get my refund and how many times can I apply for it?
If you provide appropriate documents with valid proof of earnings, you will get your rebate in between 2-3 months.

You can claim back tax for the last six completed tax years as long as you have the appropriate documents for each financial year. Complete a separate tax form for each year and dispatch it to the HMRC.

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