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Tax rebates when leaving the country

January 11, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

When it comes to a tax rebate, the first question that runs through an individual’s mind is whether or not it is applicable to them. This is when it is important to know that tax rebates are not applicable to everyone in the UK. If you are about to leave the UK, however, you may well be eligible for a tax refund.

Everything depends on the date when you are leaving the country, your earnings, the amount of taxes you have paid and most importantly whether you are leaving the UK temporarily or permanently.

Things to know before filing for a tax refund

Your eligibility to claim tax back will depend on whether or not you will become a non UK resident after leaving the country. If you want to qualify as a non-resident, you need to show that you are leaving the UK for good. If you are not sure about permanently leaving the UK, you must be able to show that you will return to the UK for at least three years.

When it comes to non-residency and leaving the UK, you must ensure that you do not return to the UK and stay for more than 183 days during a given financial year. If this number of days is exceeded, you will again become a UK resident and will have to pay taxes.

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