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Steps to follow for students applying for their tax rebates

February 20, 2011
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Many people in the UK end up paying more tax than what they actually have to. However, you need to fulfil certain criterion if you wish to apply for a tax rebate.

If you are a student working in the UK, then you can claim tax rebates. Your employer may not have considered the fact that your total earnings are below the tax allowance. If your employee has deducted taxes from your income, you can file a claim for a tax rebate. Mentioned below are a few steps that can help you with tax rebates.

How do you know if you have paid the tax or not?

If any tax has been deducted from your income, it will be mentioned on your payslip. Find out your gross pay and if it is above the tax free allowance at the end of the year, you need to pay the tax. In most cases, it would not exceed the tax free allowance and thus you should file for a tax rebate.

Filing for tax rebates after finishing your course

Even if you have completed your studies, you can file for a tax rebate if you worked while you were studying. You need to apply within a period of six years to be eligible for the tax rebate.

What is the procedure to file for a tax rebate?

You can either hire a tax rebate agent or do it yourself. If you plan to do it by yourself, you will need the following documents;

• P45/P60 forms.
• P85/P86- If you were an overseas student studying in the UK.
• P91 form- your employment history form.
• P38(S) form.

After collecting these documents, submit them along with a covering letter to your local tax office.

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