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Claim tax back – What is a tax rebate?

March 27, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

While people have heard about tax rebates, not many people know what they are and how to claim them. When a tax overpayment occurs, UK taxpayers can get a refund from the government.

Why could you be due a tax refund?

Individuals are eligible to get a tax rebates for many different reasons. The most common reason is overpayment of taxes because they have been put on an emergency tax. This is usually rectified by giving a portion of tax back to the individual.

If you pay your taxes regularly and have not changed job for a while you might not be eligible for a tax rebate but it’s still worth checking. However, there are several reasons why individuals may be due to tax rebate. If you have more than one income source or if you were put on an emergency tax code, you might have overpaid your taxes.

When applying for a tax rebate, it is recommended to take professional help. This way you can ensure that your tax refund procedure will be carried out correctly. It will also increase your odds of getting the maximum amount of tax rebate from the HMRC.

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