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Claiming a tax rebate for a deceased relative

March 3, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Are you the civil partner or spouse of someone who has recently passed away? Would you like to claim tax rebates on their behalf? If yes, then look no further. Refer to the tips mentioned below and file for returns appropriately.

When are you entitled to the tax return of the deceased individual?

It is highly possible that your spouse or civil partner might have overpaid their taxes during the financial year in which they passed away. If they did, you are eligible to the extra amount and entitled to the tax refund unless otherwise stated by the will of the deceased individual. Some of the reasons for overpaying taxes are mentioned below:

1) The individuals death caused their wages to be stopped mid-way through the fiscal year
2) They had no reason to pay the taxes, but the tax was deducted anyway
3) Extra tax was collected as ‘Emergency Tax’
4) Payments-on-account turned out to be too high

Details on Tax Form R27

When you inform the HMRC about the death of your partner, they will provide you with Tax Form R27. By law, the civil partner or the spouse is entitled to the tax refund. However, the deceased individual could have also hired an executor for the will. If you are the personal representative of the deceased individual, you will need to fill the R27 along with providing appropriate death certificates and the amount earned by the deceased individual in the fiscal year.

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