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What really is a tax refund?

March 29, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Everybody likes to receive extra money, especially if they have worked hard for it. With the tax refund scheme you can get back the money that the government owes you.

What does tax refund mean?
When an individual pays more tax than what is essentially required of him, the money that is returned by the Inland Revenue is known as a tax refund.

As a claimant you will need the help of an accountant to know just how much tax you have paid. If your income is higher than the eligible income bracket then you will not be issued a refund. It is therefore important to know every detail of the taxes paid by you. With the assistance of an accountant you can keep a check on your income.

The government can issue a refund only when it is claimed. You will therefore need to keep a constant check on how much tax is being paid by you. You can thus file a claim only when you are completely confident that you qualify for a refund.

Tax refunds are also looked at as free money, but in reality the money was earned by you. Tax refunds take a couple of weeks to be sanctioned. You just need to have all your papers in order to make a claim. Hire an accountant so the proceedings are handled accurately.

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