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April 22, 2011
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Modern methods of taxation are tricky and new clauses make it even more complicated than it was before. It is estimated that one third of the total population of the UK has paid the wrong taxes and is due a tax refund. Income tax can be due from various sources of personal income. There are many ways to claim your refund back. Income tax refunds can arise from employment wherein your taxes get deducted at the time of payment.
If you are in employment, you can justify the reimbursements which are not paid to you by your employer. Professionals who use and provide their own tools for business can also be eligible for tax refunds. You can carry back your claim for up to six tax years.

Motoring expenses and tax refunds

You can also claim for tax deductions against your income if you have not been paid motoring expenses by your employer. This situation is also valid if you have been paid less in the way of motoring expenses than the original claim.

Other possibilities for tax refund eligibility

When people leave the UK before the end of the tax year, with no intention of coming back to work in UK, they are eligible for a tax repayment. When people leave the UK and start working in other countries, they will receive some tax refunds since they have not used all of their personal allowance.

If someone starts their employment half way into a financial year and has been issued with a one month code (PAYE system), at the end of a tax year, they will be eligible for a tax refund.

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