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Tax refunds in the UK – How to go about claiming

April 1, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Many people in UK pay to much tax to the HMRC. If you think that you may have overpaid taxes, you can claim tax back from the HMRC. Tax overpayment can occur if you have not worked for a complete tax year or if you were put on an emergency tax code.

Some commonly asked questions:

When can one claim tax back?

You can claim a tax refund if you believe that you have paid excess tax. While this is mostly after the end of a tax year, a tax refund can also be claimed midway through the financial year. This is only valid if you are planning to leave the UK and do not intend to begin employment prior to 5th April. To check the amount of claim, you can use a tax refund calculator.

What is required to make a tax refund claim?

To claim tax back you need to provide your original tax documents. These will be a P45 if you were given one when your employment ended and a P60, which is given at the end of every tax year. For individuals who have worked in the construction industry, CIS payslips are required to be submitted.

These tax documents contain all information about your earnings and the taxes you paid. Based on this data, the amount of overpaid tax is calculated. The excess taxes paid will eventually be refunded by the HMRC. Depending on the workload your local income tax department has, it may take around 6-8 weeks to get a tax refund.

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