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Things you need to know about tax refunds

April 18, 2011
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Despite HMRC’s claims to the contrary, the process of filing a self-employed tax return is quite complicated. This is when taking professional help can save your valuable time, efforts and money. Professionals also take care of everything to ensure that the tax refund process goes smoothly.

Who can file claims for self-employed tax rebates?

If you have filled out a self-assessment form correctly, providing all details of your income, you are unlikely to qualify for any sort of refund unless a mistake is made when calculating your payment.

Tax refund procedure for employed individuals

Individuals who work and earn in the UK, paying taxes on a pay as you earn basis may end up paying too much tax for a number of reasons. If you feel that you have overpaid, you can use a tax rebate calculator to confirm this. This will help you determine the amount, if any.

When working for a company, they will provide you with a P60 tax document at the end of each year. This will have all details about your income and the taxes that you have paid. Once you enter these values into a tax refund calculator, the tax rebate amount will be displayed on the screen. When claiming a tax rebate, ensure that you get professional help.

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