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Tax refunds – Claim your money back

May 3, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Everyone who is earning a wage has to pay tax. This tax is used by the government for the welfare and development of the country. Often people are not aware of the provisions made by the government for tax rebates and end up not claiming back overpaid tax.

Overpaid tax will eventually be claimed by the state if you don’t make a claim. However, you can claim this excess money back from the government. You can seek advice from a tax-refund service provider and accordingly calculate your exact refund amount. The amount can then be claimed from the HMRC and paid to you as a cheque.

A person is eligible to get a tax refund if they are working, retiring from work, a student who is below the tax free allowance or if you are on an emergency tax code. Students often earn less than their taxable allowance and hence are very likely to get a tax rebate. But it is their responsibility to file for a tax refund. People who have been assigned an emergency tax code by their employer can also apply for a tax refund. A professional advisor can make you aware of all the formalities and documents required to file for a tax refund and sort out any complications for you.

To make sure that everything is in order, it is always better to get advice from a professional.

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