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Tax returns and tax scams

May 4, 2011
Posted in Income Tax, Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Filing your tax return may seem like a boring and time consuming job, but filing your tax return is important.

Dishonest tax returns

People who fill out a person’s tax return dishonestly cause a lot of trouble for tax payers who have no knowledge about the tax return process. These fraudsters charge sky high fees and promise a tax return which is too good to be true.

Tax payers must choose who fill in their tax return carefully. They must opt for a person who is trustworthy and has some reputation.

Phishing and filling in false and misleading forms

Phishing is yet another way scammers can con people. Scammers extract the personal and financial details of a person, and promise them a large tax return. Sometimes, people are mislead and are made to fill in false forms and papers and file for a tax return they are not entitled to.

It’s always better to use a professional company to help you work out how much tax you need to pay and how much tax you are due from the HMRC is you think you have overpaid. If you use an honest reliable company you will be sure to get the refund you are due.

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