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Planning to leave the UK? You can still file a tax refund

June 21, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Every year, thousands of people come to the UK for study and work. However, not many people know about the tax refund procedure. Due to some reason or the other, many people tend to overpay on their taxes. All this tax can then be claimed back by the end of the financial year.

If you have worked in the UK and are planning to leave the country, you can surely claim this overpaid tax back. Some possible reasons for tax overpayment include:

• You were put on an emergency tax code after starting a new job
• Your employer used an incorrect tax code
• You had two or more jobs at the same time
• You are a student who worked during the holidays.

How to calculate a tax refund

After you quit your job, your employer will give you a P45 tax document. This will show the amount earned during a tax year along with the tax deducted. You just need to input these figures into a tax refund calculator to know about the tax refund you are eligible to get.

When can you claim tax back?

Soon after you stop working and get your P45, you can claim for a tax rebate. Even if you have already left the UK a couple of years before, you can still claim tax back. You will only lose eligibility to claim a tax rebate after 6 years.

Claiming a tax refund after losing the P60/P45 forms

A tax refund can also be claimed even after you lose your P45/P60. All you need to do is contact your most recent employer and ask for a ‘statement of earnings’. This document is the perfect replacement for your P45 or P60.

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