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June 13, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Many people in the UK are unaware of the fact that they could be eligible for a tax refund. The fact that the process of claiming a tax return is a long and a complicated procedure makes many people shy away from filing their tax rebates. There can be little possibility of a tax return if you do not file for it, it will simply be added to the government’s treasury.

The following is the procedure for refund filing:

Filing tax returns must be added to every person’s to-do list. If you think you’re eligible for a tax refund you must file for one. If you are expecting any money back out of your tax payments there should not be any reason for you to wait or to delay the tax refund filing. Although this process takes a little time, rest assured that it will provide you with benefits later on. You can use your tax return for various other investments.

You must make sure you file your tax refund well in advance since the last two months of a financial year are the busiest. If you file your tax refund on time you will get it back within 45 days. Many people believe that they should get their refund instantly, which is just not possible. The tax governing authorities deal with thousands of tax refund pleas every day. The process takes time so one must be patient enough to wait.

There are many tax calculators available online. You can check your tax amount on these calculators and you can work out a general idea of your refund amount and if you are eligible for a tax refund or not.

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