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Missing vital documents for a tax refund claim?

July 22, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

There are a lot of people out there who know that they have overpaid on their taxes. They are unable to claim them just because they do not have their original P60 or P45 certificates to prove this. The most common excuse would be that the documents were either misplaced or lost. However there are cases of these documents never having being printed at all.

What is a P45 or a P60?

Here in this article we will tell you how to go about claiming your refund in the event of a missing P45 or an unprinted P60. First let us understand what a P60 and a P45 are. A P45 is a tax certificate handed to you by your employer when you are either laid off, or you quit the company. It will have all the details of your earnings and all the tax which you have paid throughout the year. A P45 is utilised by HMRC to work out how much tax you should really be paying in the event of starting a new job.

A P60 is a similar form, but unlike the P45, it does not show year to date tax and income information. This is issued at the end of the tax year.

Cases of employers not providing their employees with the above documents are very worrying. Providing your employees with a P45 or a P60 is a legal requirement. Failing to provide one can mean that serious legal action can be taken against the employer. A P60 or a P45 is the most basic document which the HMRC has to see so that they can process your claim.

The workaround

Like all other government agencies, the HMRC will only consider your original documents as valid. This can be a problem if you have overpaid on your taxes going back 10 years or so. However, there is a way around this hurdle. A ’statement of earning’, can be used as a substitute to a missing P45/P60.

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