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Tax rebates and tax relief for woodworkers

July 23, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Not many people know about tax rebates and the process. People do not always think much about taxes and this leads to unclaimed tax rebates. The money generated out of rebates can be very useful in many ways. You can utilise the extra money you get from tax rebates any way you want. In this article, we will study about how woodworkers can claim tax relief if they are on the PAYE system.

Who is eligible to claim?

Any woodworking employee who is on the PAYE system can claim tax rebates. A carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker and even a machinist is included in this category. PAYE employees who distribute tools and equipment to workers and wear work uniform can also apply for tax rebates.

What is the procedure?

One can claim relief on tax by showing the expenses incurred within the workplace. You can even calculate your taxes via a tax calculator available online and can claim a tax rebate if you have paid too much tax. You must fill in a tax rebate form and request the rebate from the tax governing authorities. They will look into your plea and will then decide if you are eligible for a tax rebate or not. One usually has to wait no longer than 45 days to get their tax refund.

How much tax relief can be claimed?

The amount of tax relief you can claim depends upon the type of work you are doing. If you have a uniform and supply your goods to workers, you can claim up to £140 per year. Once you have calculated your taxes and been referred to a professional tax consultant, you must file a rebate, following which you will get your tax returns in due time.

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