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How to apply for a tax rebate if you lose your P45

August 3, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

If you want to apply for a tax rebate, you will need to submit certain documents containing relevant information. The most important of these are your P45 and P60 forms, which contain details of both your income and your tax contributions for the year.

The P45 form is given to you by your employer once you leave work, and should be given to your new employer once you start a new job. A P60 form, on the other hand, is an end of year document that summarises your pay and tax contributions for the last 12 months.

If you have your P45 form, you can easily work out how much of a tax rebate you are entitled to. The best way to do this is using an online tax refund calculator, which should give you a good picture of what you’re owed.

However, if you can’t find your P45 or you weren’t given one by your last employer, you will need to ask the employer for a statement of earnings. Either this or another replacement document will provide you with the information you need to apply for a tax rebate.

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