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Which work-related expenses can I claim a tax rebate for?

August 21, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

If you have paid too much tax for any reason, you are entitled to claim a tax rebate. You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, as the money you receive from a tax rebate could come in very handy, particularly in the tough economic times we’re experiencing right now.

Not everyone knows that you can also claim tax rebates for work-related expenses. This is costs you have had to pay yourself for things you need in order to do your job properly. Examples of this kind of work-related expenditure include:

Uniforms. Whether you work in a restaurant and need to buy an apron, or you work on a construction site and you need the whole kit (i.e. fluorescent jacket, hard hat, thick boots etc), you shouldn’t have to pay for your uniform yourself. If you need it in order to do your job, you should be reimbursed either by your employer or through a tax rebate claim.

Mobile phones. If the nature of your work requires you to make and receive calls whilst on the move, you will need to buy a mobile phone and pay the bills for it. This is also something you can claim for.

Professional prescriptions. This only really applies to doctors and dentists, but it is still something you can claim for.

If you haven’t been fully reimbursed for any of the above by your employer, you may be eligible to claim a tax refund.

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