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September 19, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Most people are of the opinion that they already contribute enough in the way of taxes to the HMRC. They don’t mind paying their taxes and they accept that they get things in return. However, there are circumstances when people realise they have been paying more tax than they should have been.

It only takes a very simple mistake somewhere along the line of communication and administration between your employers and the HMRC for irregularities to appear in your pay slips. Sometimes these mistakes don’t look like much when they are looked at from the perspective of a single, but if they are allowed to build up they amount to much more significant sums of money.

If you have looked at your pay slips and you believe you may have been paying a bit too much tax then it is time to act on getting your overpayments back. This is money that you are perfectly entitled to and you should consider it as a debt owed you by the HMRC.

Tax rebates are possible for people who have paid too much tax and they often amount to quite a lot of money depending on how long the irregularities have been going on.

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