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You can claim tax back whatever the reasons surrounding your unemployment

September 14, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

A whole host of different reasons might be behind your sudden unemployment. Redundancies have seen a sharp rise in recent years because of the financial difficulties a lot of public and private ventures have experienced in the wake of the global recession. However, it is entirely possible that your unemployment is a result of being fired for whatever reason.

Becoming unemployed often means you are entitled to a tax rebate because you have already paid a certain amount of tax that was worked out on the basis of a full tax year’s salary. Losing your job means you are no longer earning this salary and it means that the previous tax payments you have made will no longer be accurate.

The actual reasons that led to your unemployment are of no consequence when you are entitled to a tax rebate. You can claim tax back whether you lost your job as a result of being fired or as a result of a redundancy, voluntary or otherwise. It is possible to get your tax rebate within a matter of weeks to soften the immediate financial blow of your unemployment.

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