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Getting round to claiming tax back for bygone years

October 19, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

It takes a lot of people quite a long time to realise when they have paid too much tax. This can happen for all sorts of different reasons and people often take it for granted that their tax payments will be correct. However, it is always worth checking when you have an inkling that your tax payments may have left you a little out of pocket.

It is possible to claim tax back years after the tax year during which the irregularities occurred. In fact, you can look back into your tax history six years in order to find evidence that you have paid too much tax. Then you can use this evidence to go about getting the money back.

If you do not fancy handling the claim on your own then tax experts can do the investigating for you. If you genuinely believe that you have a case, then your tax experts will present the evidence to the HMRC and it shouldn’t be long before you have the missing money in your account. If you don’t chase it up then it could take significantly longer for the HMRC’s own calculations department to catch up.

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