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New HMRC system identifies millions owed tax rebates

October 25, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Tax rebates have been in the news of late as the HMRC has released details of an extensive examination of tax payments since 2003. The HMRC began conducting the huge audit in June this year, putting new technology and IT systems to use in a bid to improve the way tax is dealt with in the UK.

The results of the extensive audit show that around six million people have paid too much tax to the HMRC between 2003 and 2008. In light of this new information, those six million people can expect to be contacted by HMRC in due course with details about how much money they are set to receive and what form the tax refunds will take.

Originally the new system was put to work on the tax year 2010-2011 and it found that 2.3 million people had paid too much. The technology ought to spell an improvement in the way tax is dealt with in the future, but mistakes are still likely to be made.

If you ever feel that you have been taxed too much, it is important that you seek professional advice in order to claim tax back quickly and efficiently.

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