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Even small tax discrepancies add up over time

November 16, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

So many people in the UK end up paying over the odds on their tax stoppages. Very few people actually realise that they are overpaying and in some cases this is down to the fact that the discrepancies are only very small. Each month, they amount to just a drop in the ocean, but given enough time, these overpayments will stack up into sizeable sums.

If they continue to go unnoticed, then you could end up seriously out of pocket. However, you may still be unaware of the situation and it could take the HMRC years to finally discover the errors as they go over past figures in order to sniff out mistakes. If you are proactive, then you might be able to get this money back sooner.

The first step is to actually look into your tax payments meticulously. Go over your documentation and make a note of any curious calculations. You are then in a positive to talk to a claims agency about how you can claim tax back quickly and they will take up your case. The money you receive could represent a nice tidy sum that you can use as you see fit.

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