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Square your finances in January as part of your resolutions

November 29, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

It is really nice to start the New Year completely square in terms of your money issues. If any of your New Year’s resolutions have anything to do with straightening out your finances or doing yourself a favour in terms of making life that little bit more comfortable then you will obviously be looking at ways to improve your relationship with money to take a good deal of weight off your shoulders.

It makes sense to simplify your finances as much as possible. This is the perfect way to maintain control over your money – your incomings and your outgoings – so that money is not something you have to treat as a hidden threat to your general comfort and quality of life.

First of all, try and square things up with the tax man if you have any feeling that things are somehow out of whack. Examine your tax paperwork to find out if you have overpaid at any point in the last six years. If you are owed anything, claim tax back through a claims agency and start the New Year with a clean slate. Then you can begin to look at all your other finances.

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