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Perseverance pays when it comes to tax rebates

December 13, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Tax rebates are fantastic because they often sort you out with a bit of money right when you need it. Just when you think you are struggling for cash, you may be informed that you are owed money and that a cheque is in the post. Some tax rebates add up to figures in the thousands if the miscalculations are significant enough and have been in effect for long enough.

Of course, you cannot always expect tax rebates to just appear through your letter box. There is certainly no harm in going looking for money when you believe that you are owed it. If there is anything suspicious or inaccurate in your documentation, you need to chase it up in order to have a tax rebate generated through your own perseverance.

The HMRC often catches up with errors eventually, but this can take a long time. If you want your case to be looked at more promptly it makes sense to give them a nudge. You can use tax claims agencies to give that nudge on your behalf so that you get your lump sum in good time.

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