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Recovering money wrongly taken as emergency tax

December 12, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Emergency tax accounts for stoppages on people’s wages when certain circumstances are taken into account. For instance, emergency tax may be charged when you start a new job because the accounts department does not have a tax code for you. Emergency tax is the tax charged whenever the information about your earnings and circumstances is not complete.

It is sometimes the case that emergency tax is charged wrongly. This can be very frustrating, because emergency tax usually amounts to a higher proportion of the original figure than tax charged on the basis of a proper tax code. When you are charged emergency tax on something, you really notice because you don’t receive nearly as much money as you were expecting.

It is possible to claim this tax back if you have more information that will act as evidence that you should not have been charged emergency tax. You don’t have to dig deep for this evidence – it usually comprises of a document here and there. You can present it to a tax claims agency in order to have them claim tax back using their influence and expertise.

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