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Tax advice for full time mature students

December 15, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Studying is not just for people who want to have fun for a few years. It is an important part of your career development. It allows you to learn from experts in your chosen subject and it also enables you to expand your mind. Being around intelligent and like-minded people gives you the chance to forge lasting friendships based on mutual interests.

If you have decided to come to full time study late on, you can still get something special out of it. There is no time limit on being able to go to university and enjoy a really fulfilling experience that may just equip you for a more prosperous and satisfying future. Studying full time does mean that you will have to get used to full time study instead of full time work though.

Adapting is not as difficult as it sounds, although your financial situation will obviously be very different when you start your course. Remember that you won’t be paying tax as a full time student and you can claim tax back if you have overpaid during the tax year prior to embarking on your studies.

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