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Tax claims as a result of very active years in your career development

December 18, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Chopping and changing is something of a necessity during certain spells in your career. As your career develops, you are likely to explore different opportunities and dip and out of jobs until you find your way properly. This means that there may be the odd year when you have several different jobs, spend time abroad, spend time in full time study, spend time out of work and so on.

All of these different pursuits have an effect on your tax code. Your tax code might change part way through the year to accommodate your new circumstances. It might then have to change back at a later date. All this chopping and changing can make it difficult for the HMRC to keep up with your situation and you might end up paying more tax than you should have paid.

This is not money that is lost forever. This is money that it is entirely possible to get back. Even the HMRC would encourage you to claim this money back because they want to be square with everyone. Claim tax back for changeable years that lead to tax errors by using claims services.

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