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Tax rebates always reflect exactly what you are owed

December 25, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Tax rebates represent an entirely above board and interest free way of getting hold of some extra money. The reasons tax refunds are completely above board and interest free is because they belong to you. Tax rebates are refunds for money you have paid that you should not have paid. They amount to exactly the amount of money you have overpaid by and they can be generated easily with the right evidence.

You obviously cannot get a tax rebate if you are not entitled to one. Tax rebates are generated for people raise a query regarding the amount of tax they have paid. An investigation is conducted by the HMRC once they have been informed that there may be a problem and figure is arrived at as a result of the investigation.

This does eventually happen unbidden because the HMRC looks into all cases over time, but this is a very slow process. It is far better to get in touch with them via a claims agency so that you can present your claim and the reasons for making it. Then you will get your tax rebate as soon as the investigation is conducted.

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