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Ease the pressure after a job loss with a tax rebate

January 20, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Whenever you lose your job it can feel like the worst possible time. It is hard to adapt when you know that you won’t have any money coming in and it is very difficult to get yourself back into work without there being some transitional period where you are not earning.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your redundancy or your dismissal, the most important thing is that you get back on your feet as quickly as you can. You can look after yourself by ensuring you don’t feel the pinch too much by claiming tax back.

Very few people save up just in case they might need some money available should they lose their job, but if you do lose your job part way through the tax year you may be able to claim tax back. Tax refunds can help you to cover your expenses during that difficult time when you are not working and this may ease you back into work in a less desperate fashion.

Tax agencies help you to calculate the tax you are owed suing your P45 and they can help manage your claim if you have overpaid.

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