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How to identify emergency tax and claim a refund

January 23, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Emergency tax is something that a lot of people end up having to sort out. It is unlikely that you are supposed to be paying emergency tax on your earnings if you are working full time and you only have a single. Emergency tax is often charged when communication with your employer has not been as good as it could be and they are unsure of what tax code you ought to have.

When this happens, emergency tax is charged. Emergency tax is easy to recognise, partly because it is fairly disproportionate and it stands out for being too much, and partly because it is always signified by a particular tax code. The tax codes that denote emergency tax include the suffixes and prefixes BR, MTH1, WK1 and X.

If these letters appear in the tax code on your pay slip then you are being charged emergency tax. If there is no good reason for this then it is likely that you are being charged mistakenly or the emergency tax code has been applied in the absence of a proper tax code being supplied in the form of a P45. You can claim tax back when this happens.

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