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Prepare to work abroad by claiming a tax refund

January 24, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Opportunities to work outside the United Kingdom do not come along that often so it should not come as much surprise that people jump at the chance as long as their circumstances allow them to. For many, the chance to work abroad involves no deliberation at all and they begin to make plans to live elsewhere and discover a new way of life in another country.

If you have recently chosen to take this step then it is important that you prepare properly. This does not just mean going through the usual motions of planning a trip abroad, however extended the trip. You also need to look into more important issues such as tax. When you leave the country there is a very real possibility you will be able to claim tax back.

This is the case if you have already been working and paying income tax. When you move to a different country for a spell, you will be contributing elsewhere and so you do not need to contribute at home. What you do need to do is assess the tax you have paid already for the year and see whether you have overpaid in relation to situation you now find yourself in.

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