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Resolve a situation wherein you are being taxed unfairly

January 25, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

It is not easy to get by when you are not earning a lot, simply because the cost of living accounts for so much of your wages. However, the situation is significantly worse if you are being taxed unfairly. This can happen for all sorts of reasons, but it usually comes down to a breakdown in communication somewhere along the line.

Where the fault lies does not really matter quite as much as having it corrected. Being taxed unfairly for a long period of time inevitably leaves you with a fair amount of money owed to you. When you are unaware of the mistake, this money is allowed to stack up because it has not been investigated and you have not flagged it up.

You should take a very close look at how you are being taxed. Your own investigations may give you enough of an idea of any mistakes for you to flag them up. You can flag them up with a tax agency if you feel you need some help in sorting things out with the HMRC. Having the backing of a team of professionals gives you more confidence that you will get your money quickly.

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