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Contact a tax claim agency when you start your university course

February 16, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

If you have been working for most of the tax year but you are going to university in order to carry on with your studies then you must not forget to clarify matters with the HMRC. The HMRC can track you by using your National Insurance number, but that does not mean that each department will become aware of your position. Even when you make sure that everything is recorded, things don’t always work out straight away.

Stopping full time work part way through the tax year in order to attend university often means that you will require a tax rebate because the tax you have paid will relate to the entire year – not just the part you have already worked.

On top of this tax rebate, you should expect to stop paying tax on the part time earnings you make if you choose to carry on working when you are in full time education in order to get by more easily. If the HMRC appears slow in serving you up a tax rebate or continues to tax you after you start at university, you need to contact a tax claims agency with your case.

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