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It is your responsibility to push for tax rebates you are owed

February 22, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

On the one hand you might think of being owed money in tax rebates as a positive thing in the sense that you can always rely on that money coming in when you need it, but in another sense it represents a negative situation. The fact is that the money may not be available to you forever and as soon as you notice that you are owed tax refunds, you need to chase the matter up and set the ball rolling.

This is your responsibility rather than that of the HMRC. This is because the HMRC is dealing with the finances of the population and you only need to make sure that your finances are in order. Why wait for an investigator to stumble across your case when you can be proactive in the matter?

Tax rebates are best dealt with by professionals so there is very little hassle involved in straightening things out properly. All you need to do is get a professional team of claims agents to take up your case by telling them how much tax you have paid and why you should have paid less.

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