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Keep an eye on tax payments so you notice issues straight away

February 18, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

You will notice that the HMRC is very quick to point out certain issues with your tax when it appears that you have not paid enough. It is only natural that they should be quick to do this because it is in their interests. They want to make sure that people are not getting away with paying less tax than they should be and they want to give people plenty of notice when they aim to recover the shortfall.

However, the HMRC is not always quite so quick to investigate when it appears that you have being paying more tax than you are supposed to be paying. People sometimes don’t find out about this sort of thing until years down the line. This needn’t actually be the case though.

If you are a bit more proactive when it comes to looking into tax issues then you might actually notice a problem long before the HMRC even examines the details of your payments for a given year. Looking closely at your tax payments can help you to bring forward the possibility of tax rebates by a considerable margin.

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