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Kick off your retirement in the best possible way

February 2, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Retirement is something that lies on the horizon and gets ever closer as you get older. However, when retirement seems very close money worries sometimes come into your mind. It makes a good deal of sense to start saving up in the last few years before your retire to make sure you have plenty set aside for when you finish working.

If you retire part way through the tax year then you may be able to get a little help with your preparatory savings by claiming tax back. All your earnings are taxed according to a tax code and this tax code determines how much comes out of your pay. However, a tax code is for the entire year, not just for the portion you happen to have worked before retiring.

This means you may have paid more to the tax man in that portion of the tax year than you need to. This is tax that you can get back relatively promptly as long as you take the right steps. Get in touch with a tax entitlement agency and kick your retirement off in the best possible way.

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