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Look into past tax issues in the immediate aftermath of retirement

February 19, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

At first when you retire it can be difficult to get used to having so much more time on your hands, even though you may enjoy the end of your professional responsibilities. The immediate aftermath of your retirement is a good time to start looking at matters you have meant to look at for some time but haven’t had a spare minute.

This means addressing issues around the house, organising all your administrative things to do with your daily life, looking into ways you can economise more effectively and generally getting a better hold over things that matter in everyday life. Tax is certainly one of these things.

When you retire, you may finally have the time to dig out all of your tax documentation from the last few years so that you can look at them in more detail. When you do this you may find that you are actually owed some tax from historical discrepancies or miscalculations that have not been investigated by the HMRC and which may have been overlooked completely.

It is great to use your time productively in this manner so that you can enjoy your retirement knowing you are completely square financially and your life is organised better.

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