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Failing to act when you are overcharged tax

March 7, 2012
Posted in Income Tax — Written by Chris

Some people fail to act when they are being charged too much tax simply because they are not aware of the fallibility of the HMRC. They assume that their own calculations are incorrect and that the HMRC must be right in its assessment of the tax they ought to be paying because the HMRC is an official organisation run by professionals in taxation using sophisticated computer systems.

It is never a good idea to place this level of trust in the HMRC because mistakes are made in all official organisations no matter how sophisticated their operations. It only takes a small breakdown in communication to lead to a mistake that seems rather insignificant on the face of it, but which can actually turn out to be a mistake worth a lot of money to the ordinary working person.

This is why you ought to take more interest in your own tax situation. If you are not all that confident with the mathematical side of things then you needn’t worry. Tax agencies exist with the very purpose of helping people to gain a deeper understanding of what they should be being taxed.

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