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Small figures get larger quickly in the world of tax rebates

March 25, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Getting taxed a small amount above what you should be being charged when all your personal circumstances are taken into account is something that you may not notice. It is hard to be confident that a small amount of extra tax each month does not apply somehow, especially if things like mathematics and taxation are not really your forte. However, if the tax being taken is genuinely too much because of an error, it is important to push for a tax rebate.

This is something you are entitled to so there is nothing really to worry about if there is evidence that you have been treated unfairly. Mistakes are rife in widespread administrative offices and few apply as widely as taxation. You should not think that the HMRC is infallible.

The fact is that these small amounts stack up. When you are overcharged on a monthly basis, you can actually expect your tax rebate to amount to quite a lot because small figures become larger ones relatively quickly in the world of tax. This means you could end up with quite a nice surprise in terms of the amount you are owed.

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